Article 1 - Registration
1. Registration is possible from the age of 5 years.
2. The current courses are listed on the Chinees Onderwijscentrum Nederland website (
3. Registration for courses is done by fully completing the application form.
4. Registration is only confirmed upon receipt of payment.
5. The digital registration form is on the Chinees Onderwijscentrum Nederland website.
6. After registration the applicant receives a confirmation at the given e-mail address.
7. Registration for students under the age of 18 must be done by the parents or legal guardian.
8. When the student registers for a course that has already been fully booked, it is possible to place the student on a waiting list. If a place becomes available or an extra group is formed, Chinees Onderwijscentrum Nederland will contact the student.

Article 2 – Cancellation by Chinees Onderwijscentrum Nederland
1. At the course starting date Chinees Onderwijscentrum Nederland will determine if there are sufficient registrations to actually start the course.
2. Chinees Onderwijscentrum Nederland reserves the right to cancel a course if there are insufficient registrations.
3. If a course is cancelled by Chinees Onderwijscentrum Nederland the paid course fee will be fully refunded.

Article 3 – Cancellation by the student
1. If the student decides not to participate, cancellation can be made up to 3 days before the start of the course.
2. Cancellation must be made in writing by e-mail.
3. The student get the course fee minus € 15 administration costs returned by cancellation up to 3 days before
the start of the course.
4. In case of cancellation later than 3 days before the start of the course, a full or partial refund of the course fee is not possible anymore.

Article 4 - Termination and absence
1. Chinees Onderwijscentrum Nederland is in no way responsible for personal circumstances, such as moving etc. which prevent the student for attending the course.
2. In the event that a student, due to unforeseen circumstances is no longer able to attend the course, Chinees Onderwijscentrum Nederland can reserve a place in the next semester.
3. Upon early termination of the course, a full or partial refund of the course fee is not possible anymore.
4. In case of absence of the student no restitution of the course fee is possible.

Article 5 – Price changes
1. If within 3 months after registration by the student, but before the start of the course Chinees Onderwijscentrum Nederland implements a change in price, then the price change will not affect the course fee for the student.
2. The student has the right to cancel the course if after 3 months after registration, but before the start of the course, the course fee is increased.
3. Paragraph 1 and 2 are not applicable to price changes resulting from legislation.

Article 6 - Payment
1. For all regular courses goes that the full course fee must be paid before the start of the course.
If the student uses a bank transfer for payment, at the description the student’s full Chinese name in Pinyin, birthdate and school location must be mentioned.
2. a student who enrolls at a later date only pays the remaining course fee.
2. The course fee can also be paid in cash, an additional 5 EUR per person administration fee will be charged.
4. Payment by pin is not possible at Chinees Onderwijscentrum Nederland. Online Payment is possible.
5. It is not possible to pay in instalments.
6. It is not possible to arrange special payment agreements.
7. Chinees Onderwijscentrum Nederland is not subject to VAT for teaching courses. The student therefore does not pay VAT for the course.

Article 7 – Late payment
1. If the student has not fulfilled his payment obligation, Chinees Onderwijscentrum Nederland will send a payment reminder with a 10 euro administration fee per reminder. The student will have the opportunity to pay within 14 days after receipt of this payment reminder.
2. If the student has not fulfilled his payment obligation one month from the first day of school, he will be refused access to the course.

Article 8 – Non-regular courses
1. For non-regular courses, a student can postpone payment until receipt of the invoice.
2. The course fee for the entire course (fort he agreed period) must be paid in advance.
3. For some individual courses it is possible to adjust the roster after the start of the course. If offered, a cancellation or change must be given at least 48 hours in advance, otherwise the relevant lesson will be cancelled.

Article 9 - Confidentiality
1. Information provided by the student will be treated confidentially by Chinees Onderwijscentrum Nederland in accordance with the privacy policy.

Article 10 – Other conditions
1. Chinees Onderwijscentrum Nederland reserves the right to substitute a teacher of a (started) course by another teacher.
2. Chinees Onderwijscentrum Nederland reserves the right to modify the curriculum and learning materials.

Article 11 - Liability
1. Chinees Onderwijzcentrum Nederland is not liable for damage to persons and / or property, nor is it liable for theft or loss of personal goods during the courses and other activities it organizes.
2. The guardian will reimburse for everything that the student destroys or damages at school.

Article 12 - Declaration of Consent
1. By registration and payment of the course fee the student agrees to the terms and conditions of Chinees Onderwijscentrum Nederland.

Last change: September 06, 2020